ACM certifies TenneT as operator of the offshore grid

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has certified transmission system operator TenneT as the operator of the offshore grid. ACM has completed the certification process relatively quickly, which means that the Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs will now be able to designate TenneT officially as the operator of the offshore grid. After the designation, TenneT will be able to commence building the grid.

ACM has established that TenneT has met the so-called unbundling requirements. This means that TenneT does not perform any activities related to energy production, but that it only transmits energy. The offshore grid will connect the yet-to-be-built offshore wind farms in the North Sea to the onshore grid.

Maximum permitted revenues of the grid’s operator

Earlier this year, ACM drew up the draft rules for determining the revenues of the offshore grid’s operator. With these rules, ACM offers the offshore grid’s operator clarity and certainty. In late-2016, ACM will take a decision on the permitted revenues of the operator. The operator is expected to get these revenues through a subsidy from the Minister of Economic Affairs. Insofar that subsidy is not sufficient, the revenues will be received through the transmission tariffs of the national transmission grid.

Sustainable energy that is also affordable and secure

ACM supports the transition towards a sustainable energy supply. That supply also needs to be affordable and secure. ACM makes sure that grid operators are able to recoup the investments in sustainability, insofar such investments are efficient.