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2013 ACM Rail Monitor

Under the Dutch Railway Act, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) regulates the Dutch rail transport market. As part of its regulatory activities, ACM has published the sixth edition of its Rail Monitor, which gauges the current state of the rail capacity market. Its purpose is to present a picture of how railway network users experience the Dutch rail capacity market. Based on the findings, an overview is given of potential bottlenecks, which may serve as input for the ACM Agenda in 2015.

The relationship between rail capacity applicants and the infrastructure managers, ProRail and Keyrail, is central in this Rail Monitor. Freight rail undertakings, passenger rail undertakings, maintenance firms, shippers, and rail contractors are all users of the railway network and of rail capacity. For their activities, they apply for capacity with the respective managers of the mixed network and the Betuweroute.

Download the English summary of the 2013 ACM Rail Monitor below.



2013 ACM Rail Monitor (PDF - 228.78 KB)