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Final decision about 2015 stamp rates postponed

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has postponed its final decision about the stamp rates for 2015. Due to the recent changes in the postal regulation, more time is needed in order to come to a final decision. The assessment of the stamp rates is partly based on the cost allocation system of the universal postal service. For the assessment of that system, postal company PostNL is required to provide ACM with additional information. Only after ACM has established that the cost allocation system complies with the law will PostNL be allowed to submit a proposal for the stamp rates. ACM will subsequently assess the stamp rate proposed by PostNL.

Transitional period

Until ACM has completed the assessment of the cost allocation system, a transitional regime is in effect. ACM sets temporary limits within which PostNL may increase stamp rates. The transitional period expires once ACM has assessed PostNL’s cost allocation system, after which ACM will take a final decision about the 2015 stamp rates.