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NMa limits pilotage tariff increase for 2013

The pilotage tariffs in 2013 will increase by 2.67 percent, according to the tariff decision that the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) published today. The NMa has set lower pilotage tariffs than the Dutch Pilots’ Corporation (NLc) had proposed. The NLc’s proposal was based on an increase of 2.94 percent. The NMa is authorized to deviate from the tariff proposal should it not meet the requirements set out in the Dutch Pilotage Act.

Each year, the NMa assesses whether the costs have been calculated correctly, and whether the pilots’ working methods are efficient, thereby ensuring that ships that are guided into the harbors do not pay too much. The cuts in the costs are compensated by, among other things, adjustments as a result of the 2011 and 2012 pilotage tariffs, which have been revised by the Board. The cuts and adjustments combined have thus led to the tariff increase of 2.67 percent.

Objections and appeals can be filed against the NMa’s tariff decision.


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