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NMa fines former executives of energy supplier Greenchoice

In late 2011, the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) fined Dutch energy supplier Greenchoice for sending its final bills too late, or even failing to send any final bills at all, to customers that had cancelled their contracts and who were entitled to overpayment refunds. The NMa has now imposed personal fines on two former Greenchoice executives for being in charge of said violation. In order to make sure consumers continue to have confidence in Greenchoice now and in the future, the NMa has also attached specific requirements to Greenchoice’s supply license regarding administrative quality levels.

Greenchoice will have to permanently improve its administrative processes to minimize the risk for repeat violations. The NMa has seen to it that all affected customers received their final bills as well as their overpayment refunds. These personal fines and the additional quality requirements mark the conclusion of the NMa’s investigation into Greenchoice’s sending of final bills. The NMa will keep a close watch on Greenchoice, but is confident that Greenchoice will serve its customers as a trustworthy energy supplier.

The NMa believes it is important that consumers are able to switch energy suppliers without any problems. They must be able to rely on the fact that switches can be processed smoothly, and that they will receive their final bills in a timely manner. Energy suppliers’ operations should always be reliable, and the NMa sees to it that they are. That is why the NMa took action in the case of Greenchoice. Considering the role these former executives played in connection with the violations, the NMa imposes a personal fine on each of them of EUR 450,000. In December 2011, Greenchoice (the company) was fined EUR 7.2 million for the abovementioned violation.

All parties involved have the opportunity to file objections with the NMa or to file appeals with the courts.