Buying power for the purchase of call origination to 0800 numbers

The Dutch Independent Postal and Telecommunication Authority (OPTA) commissioned a study into call origination for calling Dutch toll-free numbers, so-called 0800 numbers. With toll-free numbers, the company or organisation behind such numbers, which are called the ‘number user’, pays the cost of the call, so it therefore buys call origination from the callers’ networks. This system creates a special market situation.

OPTA has received indications that mobile operators charge high tariffs for call origination. This study has revealed that parties that need 0800 numbers for fixed and mobile callers have no real alternatives. Number users thus have no effective buyer power. This situation leads to high tariffs. The Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation has announced he will propose new measures to combat this situation. When these measures are unveiled, OPTA will assess whether they sufficiently address the aforementioned high tariffs.


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