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New names and logos for Liandon and Alliander DGO

From December 3, Liandon and Alliander DGO will rebrand themselves as Qirion and Firan, respectively. With their new names, these commercial businesses are able to separate themselves from distribution system operator (DSO) Liander, with whom they are connected in the Alliander group. By rebranding its commercial businesses, network company Alliander is fulfilling its commitment that it had previously given to the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), which was making a clear distinction between the DSO itself and its commercial businesses, both in terms of names and logos.

Clarity for consumers and businesses

The new names will ensure that the commercial businesses that are associated with Alliander will no longer be able to benefit improperly from the DSO’s reputation. For consumers and businesses, it will become clear with whom they are dealing: with the DSO, which performs its statutory duties such as the transmission of electricity and natural gas, or with a commercial business, which carries out thereto-related activities. In the previous situation, that distinction was not entirely clear.

Henk Don, Member of the Board of ACM, adds: “With the name changes, competitors will no longer be behind. And consumers and businesses will see that they have a clear choice.”

Other DSOs have already changed their names

Earlier, DSOs Coteq Netbeheer (formerly Cogas) and Enduris (formerly Delta Netwerkbedrijf) already changed their names in order to make a clear distinction between the DSOs and their commercial businesses. In this context, Rendo, too, created two new businesses in its group: Enavi and N-TRA, which acquired the services of Rendo Duurzaam and Rendo Beheer.

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