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Guidelines Sustainability claims

The Authority for Consumer and Markets ACM) has updated the Guidelines Sustainability claims. The guidelines contains rules of thumb and practical examples to help companies formulate sustainability claims.

Consumers and companies increasingly want to contribute to a world that remains livable in the long term. Therefore, they find it increasingly important to make sustainable choices. Consumers are more interested in the sustainability impact of products and services they purchase. They weigh sustainability in their purchasing decision. However, claims about sustainability are often seen as unreliable by consumers. Companies should be honest about sustainability, and should only use clear, accurate and relevant sustainability claims. The ACM Guideline contains 5 rules of thumb to help companies make correct sustainability claims;

  1. Use correct, clear, specific and complete sustainability claims
  2. Substantiate your sustainability claims with facts, and keep them up-to-date
  3. Make fair comparisons with other products or competitors
  4. Describe your future sustainability ambitions in concrete and verifiable terms
  5. Make sure that visual claims and labels are useful to consumers, not confusing


Guidelines Sustainability claims (PDF - 717.93 KB)