Facebook has adjusted its terms and conditions in favor of consumers


Facebook has adjusted its terms and conditions in favor of consumers. These adjustments have to be implemented by late-June at the latest. This is the outcome of a collective action taken by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) and other European consumer authorities.

Facebook will be clearer about its business model in its terms and conditions

Facebook has committed to explaining its business model more clearly in its terms and conditions. For example, consumers do not have to pay any money for using Facebook, because they pay with their data instead. Facebook uses that data to create detailed profiles of its users. Commercial firms pay Facebook to show targeted advertisements to Facebook users.

Facebook has also adjusted a number of other conditions in favor of consumers. For example, the new conditions are clearer about the other services Facebook offers to third parties. In addition, it is stated more clearly in what situations Facebook is and is not allowed to remove personal information such as pictures of users, what rights Facebook has to the personal information of users, and what the maximum amount of time is that Facebook retains information after users have removed their accounts.

If the consumer authorities of the member states believe that additional adjustments need to be made, they still have the opportunity to take action. For example, think of adjustments to other conditions or to the company’s methods.

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