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European rules provide more insight into parcel delivery rates

The European Commission wants to make it easier for consumers to purchase products online in other European countries. In that context, knowing the rates for cross-border parcel delivery will help consumers make the right choice.

That is why the Commission has decided that it must become clearer to consumers and businesses what those rates of parcel delivery service providers are. The new European rules also mandate online stores to inform consumers prior to any purchase about available delivery options, delivery costs, and complaint policies.

In the Netherlands, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) oversees the information that registered parcel delivery service providers publish. In its role as regulator, ACM also enforces compliance with the information obligation among online stores. The European Commission will publish the information of parcel delivery service providers on a website, which will also contain information about rates for cross-border parcel delivery in other European countries. This link will also be published on


Parcel delivery service providers that offer international parcel-delivery services from and to the Netherlands must register with ACM this year if they have over 50 employees or if they are located in multiple EU countries. They can use the registration form (in Dutch) found on ACM’s website. Parcel delivery service providers do not just transport and distribute parcels, they also clear and sort them. 

Each year, parcel delivery service providers must submit to ACM their data on volumes, turnovers, and rates for single-piece mail. In the first half of 2019, parcel delivery service providers must submit such data over 2018.