Energy provider Energie I&V fined for taking over customers without their consent and supplying them without a license


The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has imposed a fine of 50,000 euros on energy provider Energie I&V. The director of this energy provider was fined 20,000 euros. Energy I&V took over small-scale consumers from energy provider Allure without having obtaining their consent first. As a result, Energy I&V supplied these small-scale consumers with energy for a short period of time without actually having a license to do so.

Small-scale consumers, providers, and system operators should be able to trust that small-scale consumers will only switch suppliers if they have agreed to do so. In addition, it is vital, for example for the security of supply, that energy providers that supply to small-scale consumers have a license.

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19-09-2019 Energy provider Energie I&V fined for unlawfully taking over customers and supplying energy without permission (in Dutch)