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Energy company Enstroga refuses to take back customers, and is forced to pay periodic penalty payment

Despite interventions by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), energy company Enstroga has continued terminating the supply of energy to customers that did not agree with changes to their fixed-rate energy contracts. Given the fact that Enstroga still does not comply with the rules, the company must pay the periodic penalty payment of 15,000 euros that had previously been announced.

In addition to receiving letters from Enstroga, some of Enstroga’s customers have also already received letters from their local distribution system operator (Enexis, Liander, Stedin, Enduris, Coteq, Rendo or Westland Infra). In those letters, the system operators explain that consumers no longer have a contract with an energy supplier, which means that no energy supplier is linked to their address anymore. The system operators therefore ask consumers to take out a contract with a supplier as soon as possible, and to inform the system operator which supplier that is. ACM recommends consumers that have received such letters from their system operators to heed this call from the system operators, and to look for a new energy supplier. By doing so, they will, in any case, be ensured supply of natural gas and/or electricity.

ACM has issued this recommendation because it has turned out that Enstroga does not answer the calls of consumers. It is therefore no longer advisable that consumers urge Enstroga again to fulfill the contracts if they have already received such letters from their system operators.