ACM’s oversight during the Coronavirus crisis


The current Coronavirus outbreak has far-reaching effects on people and businesses. These are extraordinary times. ACM is closely monitoring economic developments, and is ready to answer any questions about collaborations that companies wish to launch in order to combat the crisis. Several companies and trade organizations have already contacted us. On the website of ACM’s consumer information portal, ACM Consuwijzer, consumers can find information about, for example, canceling trips  (in Dutch).

Working together aimed at limiting harm to society

Competition rules offer many opportunities for working together in times like these in order to prevent people and businesses from getting harmed.

Fair business practices, also in times like these

It goes without saying that, during the Coronavirus crisis too, companies cannot take advantage of uncertainty and scarcity. Companies with dominant market positions continue not to be allowed to raise prices excessively. Companies cannot conclude any price-fixing agreements. Consumers cannot be misled. Sellers cannot make any wrongful claims. Companies must continue to provide correct and realistic information if products will be delivered later or can no longer be delivered at all due to factory closures, for example.

Traveling, public events, gyms and so on

What are your rights now that your gym is suddenly closed? What happens if an event is cancelled? On ACM Consuwijzer’s website, you can find the answers to many of these questions:

Consumers have many questions about traveling and canceling trips.

Information about ACM’s work

For ACM, it is business ‘as usual’, and we can be reached by phone and email during regular office hours. However, it may take a bit longer before your call is answered. In that case, you can try it again at a later time.

Virtually all ACM employees work from home. ACM has cancelled all of its meetings, and, together with the participants and attendees, is looking for alternatives in order to keep each other well-informed and be able to discuss matters.

If, because of these temporary circumstances, you experience any delays in reaching us, or delays in procedures, we ask for your understanding. On our end, too, we will be sensitive to these circumstances when it comes to deadlines.