ACM clears acquisition of InterXion by Digital Realty


The acquisition of InterXion by data center Digital Realty has been cleared. Both companies commercially exploit data centers in major cities around the world, including Amsterdam. The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) did not find any anticompetitive concerns. That is why it has cleared this acquisition.

Both of these firms operate data centers in the greater Amsterdam area. ACM has therefore assessed whether competition between data centers could be at risk as a result of the concentration between Digital Realty and InterXion. ACM has come to the conclusion that, in the greater Amsterdam area, sufficient alternatives are available for users, should they be displeased by the prices or quality.

Data centers play a major role in the digital economy. Data centers contain computers that store and process data of other companies. In addition, they also act as an important link in the digital world. They house internet hubs as well as the connections between companies that make up the digital economy.

ACM’s merger control

ACM enforces fair competition among businesses. When assessing mergers or acquisitions, ACM assesses in advance whether companies that wish to acquire or merge with another company do not gain such a strong competitive position that they are easily able to raise prices, lower quality or reduce innovation. If they can, ACM will block the transaction. That is how ACM makes sure that markets continue to work well for people and businesses.