ACM Chairman, Chris Fonteijn, to leave ACM on 1 May 2018



Chris Fonteijn, Chairman of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), announced today that he is going to leave ACM. He will leave office on 1 May 2018.

Chris Fonteijn announced his decision at his annual New Year speech to board members and employees. “This is not a decision that I have taken lightly. I feel that if I am to set myself a new challenge, I will have to find it outside ACM”, he said in his address.
Following his career as a lawyer, Chris Fonteijn was nominated as Chairman of the OPTA (the Netherlands Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority), in 2005. In 2011, he chaired BEREC (the European network of telecommunications authorities) and also chaired the NMa (the Netherlands Competition Authority). He was nominated that year as the Chairman-designate of ACM. Chris Fonteijn launched ACM on 13 April 2013, and has chaired it since. He currently also serves as vice-chair of the International Competition Network (ICN), a global network of 130 competition authorities.
Chris Fonteijn’s departure marks 13 years of leadership of the OPTA, the NMa and ACM. ACM is five years old in 2018. “I feel this is a good time for me to go”, he said in his speech. “ACM is a successful authority. It is an independent, open organisation with highly professional employees. I have given it my all, and I am proud of it.”
Henk Don and Cateautje Hijmans van den Bergh, ACM’s board members, said: “We will miss Chris. ACM owes a lot to him. As the first Chairman of ACM, Chris developed ACM’s strategy: options and opportunities for business and consumers and a problem-solving approach to market oversight. This has been the key to the successful merging of three authorities to create ACM. Chris’ chairmanship has been characterised by his willingness to question conventional methods coupled with his drive to challenge us to achieve results more quickly and effectively.”
The recruitment procedure for a new ACM chairman will be commenced in due course.