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Remko Bos elected chairman of CEER’s Distribution Systems Working Group

On November 21, Remko Bos, Director of the Energy Department at the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), was elected chairman of the Distribution Systems Working Group of the Council of European Energy Regulators (CEER). He will occupy this role for a period of two years, next to his position at ACM. The working group is one of seven working groups that prepare policy decisions for CEER’s general assembly.

One of the tasks of CEER’s Distribution Systems Working Group is helping create the European energy market of the future. It does so, for example, by clarifying the division of roles between system operators and other market participants, by exchanging knowledge about regulation, and establishing best practices. The working group also takes stock of security of supply for electricity and natural gas across Europe with respect to the well-functioning of networks. With these activities, the working group helps realize an affordable, secure, and affordable supply of energy.

Europe’s distribution systems play an ever growing role in the supply of energy. For example, distribution system operators need to take into consideration consumers who more and more often generate energy themselves. The Distribution Systems Working Group assesses the impact such a development has on grid regulation.

Mr. Bos comments: “With the working group, we are able to take major steps towards realizing the European energy market. And that is also incredibly important for the supply of energy in the Netherlands, because we are dealing with the same issues. For example, should network companies be allowed to engage in commercial activities next to their core business activities? Chairing this working group will hopefully also lead to the perfect cross-pollination between European and Dutch energy regulators.”