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Consumer Authority advises consumers about the Nederlands Muntkantoor mailshot

Via ConsuWijzer, the information desk for consumers set up by the Netherlands Consumer Authority, the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) and the telecomregulator OPTA, the Consumer Authority has received a large number of complaints from consumers about a mass-marketed mailshot by the Nederlands Muntkantoor, which has been sent to four to five million Dutch households. In the form of a questionnaire on the euro, Dutch consumers are given the opportunity to receive a free trial consignment of Finnish euro coins. However, enquiries by the Consumer Authority revealed that consumers who returned a completed questionnaire will also receive other consignments and a request for payment.

The Consumer Authority advises that consumers act as follows:

  • If you have not yet completed and signed the form and you would not like any further consignments from the Nederlands Muntkantoor, do not return the questionnaire;
  • If you have already returned the signed form, but do not wish to receive any further consignments, write to the Nederlands Muntkantoor informing it of this fact (Antwoordnummer 1000, 6100 XB in Echt);
  • If you receive any further consignments and a request for payment despite the above, return the consignment to the Nederlands Muntkantoor, preferably within seven working days of receipt, together with a letter in which you indicate that:
    • 1. a contract was never entered into between you and the Nederlands Muntkantoor
    • 2. should there be a contract between you, you will invoke its dissolution under Part 9A of Book 7 of the Netherlands Civil Code [Burgerlijk Wetboek] (regulations on contracts through distance selling).

This information is also available from the ConsuWijzer website. Consumers with questions can call ConsuWijzer on +31 (0)88 0707070.

ConsuWijzer (in Dutch)