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Considerable Interest in the Supply of Green Electricity

During the past period, DTe has granted nine companies a licence to supply Green electricity. On the market for green electricity, consumers may already choose the supplier from which they wish to purchase electricity. To qualify for a licence for the supply of green electricity, a company has to meet a number of requirements. For this purpose, DTe assesses whether the company meets the stipulated organisational, financial and technical criteria.

Various new suppliers have already entered the market for green electricity, resulting in an increase in competition and choice for consumers. The nine companies that now have a licence are: Cogas Facilitair B.V., N.V. Nutsbedrijf Regio Eindhoven, N.V. Nuon Groene Energie, REMU Levering B.V., Obragas Energy Services B.V., RENDO Energielevering B.V., Shell Nederland Verkoop Maatschappij B.V., Vattenfall Nederland B.V. and Westland Energie Services B.V. In addition, a further sixteen applications for supply licences were received recently. If a company satisfies the criteria, the licence is issued within a few weeks.