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DTe: GtS's Transmission Tariffs for 2002 Fall by 5 Percent

Gastransport Services (GtS, Gasunie's gas transmission company) lowered all its transmission-related tariffs for 2002 by an average of five percent of the nominal tariff compared to 2001. This appears from an audit carried out by the Office for Energy Regulation (DTe). As a result, Gasunie has complied with the binding instruction imposed by DTe in December 2001. Gasunie Trade & Supply (Gasunie's trading company), on request, informed DTe that it did not pass on the above-mentioned tariff reduction in 2002, in so far as the contracts related to the supply of gas to captive customers. According to Gasunie Trade & Supply, the failure to pass on the tariff reduction is in accordance with the existing contracts entered into with these companies. These are all-in contracts and do not contain a separate transmission component.

In December 2001 DTe issued Gasunie with a binding instruction. In accordance with the binding instruction, GtS is required to reduce all transmission-related tariffs in the period from 2002 up to and including 2005 every year by five percent of the nominal tariff. In 2005, the level of the transmission-related tariffs was once again assessed by DTe.

The final report, which forms the basis of the audit of the tariff reduction, has been published on DTe's website.




Eindrapportage tariefsverlaging GtS 2002 (PDF - 215.5 KB)