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DTe: Consumers and Companies Are Satisfied with the High Reliability of the Electricity Grids

Small consumers are satisfied with the present level of reliability of the Dutch electricity grids. Stichting voor Economisch Onderzoek (SEO), which carried out research commissioned by the Office for Energy Regulation (DTe) into the cost of power failures amongst 12,400 households and 2,500 small and medium-sized companies, arrives at this conclusion.

The research determined the losses small consumers experience due to power failures. If the annual average outage lasts for approximately 30 minutes, all small users jointly suffer a loss of EUR 50 million. The amount of the loss is small compared to the total annual cost of the electricity grid, which amounts to approximately EUR 2 billion. The loss resulting from power failures amounts to approximately EUR 3 a year for households. In the case of small and medium-sized companies, this is approximately EUR 34 a year. The full research report can be downloaded from DTe's website.

DTe will use the results of this research for the quality regulation system which the regulator wishes to introduce on 1 January 2005. On the basis of this system, DTe can assess the regional grid managers both on the efficiency of their management and the reliability of their network. DTe regulates access to electricity grids and gas networks and, where possible, promotes competition on the energy markets. DTe strives to ensure efficiency and quality on behalf of consumers.