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NMa revokes supplier licenses of energy supplier Go Energy

Today, the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) revoked the licenses of Dutch energy supplier Go Energy for the supply of electricity and natural gas to individuals. Customers do not have to worry that their power or gas supply will be cut off: the supply of energy is guaranteed.

The dire financial situation Go Energy is in is the cause for revoking the licenses. Go Energy applied for a moratorium on payments at the district court of Den Bosch (the Netherlands) on March 5th, 2008, which has been granted on that very same day. A receiver was subsequently appointed. Keeping a close watch on the interests of Go Energy customers, the NMa consulted with the receiver about what should be done next. Consultation with the receiver has led the NMa to decide to have the distribution licenses revoked, because Go Energy heading into bankruptcy is expected to happen in the very short run.

Energy supply is guaranteed
Revoking the supplier licenses will not affect Go Energy customers in their energy supply, as supply is guaranteed. When the NMa revokes a license, a fall-back provision comes into effect that automatically guarantees power and gas supply to customers. Go Energy customers will be informed within ten working days, at the most, whether they will be transferred to another distributor, or if the national network managers for electricity (TenneT) and natural gas (GTS) will allocate them to other emergency suppliers. Customers can register with a (different) supplier of their choice after these ten working days (at the most), taking into account a 30-day notice period. The new supplier will take care of the cancellation procedure with the emergency supplier.

Go Energy customers who have any questions about the consequences of this decision and/or fall-back procedure are advised to go to Consuwijzer's website (in Dutch) for more information: ConsuWijzer is the joint information of the NMa, the Independent Regulator of Post and Electronic Communications in the Netherlands (OPTA), and the Consumer Authority.