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NMa consults market on draft plans for 2008

The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) calls on the business community, the legal profession, consumer organisations and academics to respond to its vision and provisional plans for 2008. To this end, the agency has for the fifth consecutive year published a consultation document. By consulting parties in various sectors of the economy, the NMa aims to increase transparency and sharpen its focus.

'This consultation document allows us to test our plans beforehand. We have added a new feature this year by inviting consultees to submit questions to us. For instance, these may relate to our communication policy or be prompted by our choice of enforcement instruments. The mix of instruments at our disposal includes fines, but also allows for remedies as a means to terminate cartel conduct', comments Pieter Kalbfleisch, Chairman of the Board of the NMa.

The NMa annually prioritises sectors meriting specific attention. This is being done partly on the basis of economic analysis. It is not assumed a priori that infringements of the Competition Act will be established within the selected sectors. As regards its enforcement activities over 2008, the NMa has chosen to adopt the following areas of attention: the healthcare sector, the financial services sector, the food and agri business sector, the energy sector and the postal market (to be liberalised in 2008). Also, the consultation document puts forward points of attention relating to industry-specific regulation in energy and transport markets.