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YouTube vlogger Snapking kept callers on hold

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) took down the premium-rate number 0909-0400528 of Dutch YouTube vlogger Snapking. Snapking is the trade name of Snapentertainment. Snapking urged callers to call this number without being clear about the terms and conditions of getting in touch with him. Callers were then put on hold for a long time without getting anyone on the phone.

ACM received several complaints about the premium-rate number via Twitter and consumer information portal ConsuWijzer. Consumers particularly complained because especially minors were misled.

Making several thousand calls for five conversations

ACM’s investigation has revealed that the premium-rate number was dialed over 6,000 times between 21 March and 14 April 2017. In only five cases did callers get in touch with Snapking. The total call charges for all affected consumers amount to over EUR 13,000. To prevent further harm to consumers, ACM has taken the premium-rate number down.

About premium-rate telephone numbers

0909-numbers are used for entertainment services such as games, competitions, or horoscopes. Callers of premium-rate numbers should know in advance how much they will pay and what the terms and conditions of the call are. This information needs to be clear before the call starts. The owner should offer a service, and callers cannot be kept on hold unnecessarily. If they are, then ACM is authorized to take the number down.