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ACM has revised the license application procedure for supplying energy to small-scale users

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has revised the license application procedure for supplying energy to small-scale users (households, and small and medium-sized businesses). Suppliers that wish to supply energy to small-scale users are required to meet certain legal requirements.

ACM today published on its website information about the revised procedure such as what requirements apply, and how applicants can meet them. With this revised procedure, ACM wishes to give companies that file an application more certainty about how they may be able to qualify for a license, and what they need to do. This can help speed up the application process.

Small-scale user supply license

Last year, ACM observed an increase in the number of applications, and in their complexity. It also turned out that it was unclear to applicants what requirements applied to these licenses, and how they would be able to demonstrate that their companies met the specified requirements. As a result, it often took a considerable amount of time before applicants knew whether or not they qualified for a license. ACM has now revised its license application procedure so that applications can be processed faster and more efficiently.

The main difference with the ‘old’ procedure is that it has become much clearer in advance what is expected from applicants. As a result, applicants are able to make sure in advance that their internal organizations are able to meet the requirements. Applicants must be able to demonstrate this with an auditor’s report (a so-called assurance report). In addition, the information that applicants give their customers must comply with the rules that ACM recently published in the document ‘Information in the consumer energy market.’ ACM informs applicants about how they can comply with these rules.

Businesses that wish to supply energy (natural gas and/or electricity) to consumers and small business owners are required to have a license. Only suppliers that supply energy to small-scale users in a secure manner and against reasonable tariffs and conditions are thus allowed to enter this market. ACM issues a supply license only if the applicant in question has demonstrated to have the necessary organizational, technical, and financial skills.

More information about the application procedure

Would you like to file a license application for supplying energy to small-scale users? The necessary forms and the explanatory notes can be found on this page (in Dutch): Applying for a license for supplying energy to small-scale users.