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Introduction of smart meter is progressing well

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) is of the opinion that the introduction of the smart meter (digital meter) is progressing well. ACM has come to this conclusion in its report on the small-scale rollout of the digital energy meters in 2012 and 2013.

ACM concludes that consumers are satisfied with the installation and with the role of the network operators. ACM thus does not see any obstacles for further stepping up the introduction of the smart meter.

ACM believes that accelerating the introduction is absolutely necessary for improving the selection of energy-saving services for consumers. As a result, consumers may be stimulated to take better advantage of the smart meter’s energy-saving opportunities.

The smart meter and saving energy

With smart meters, consumers gain more insight into their energy consumption. Energy companies and suppliers of energy-saving services can help consumers make better use of their smart meters. ACM has established that there is still room for improvement. To come to a broader selection of services, two key requirements must be met:

  1. the large-scale introduction is launched
  2. all parties offering such services are able to compete on a level playing field

In practice, this means that the network operators, who install the meters, will provide, to all service providers and at the same time, the information about when and where they are going to install smart meters. Parties who wish to invest in energy-saving services should be able to rely on the fact that this schedule is fixed for a longer period of time.

Large-scale introduction can be launched

A smart meter is a digital energy meter. Over the past two years, network operators have, on a small scale, replaced analog energy meters by digital or smart meters. Network operators are responsible for the installation of the meters. With these devices, they are able to read meters remotely.

ACM concludes that the installation of the smart meters is progressing well. More than 98 percent of consumers accept the smart meter. Network operators and suppliers are prepared for a large-scale rollout of the smart meter. ACM does not see any obstacles for the launch of this large-scale rollout.