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Informers help ACM track down cartels

Have you overheard a co-worker making arrangements with competitors to offer their product at a certain price? Have you asked a new supplier for an estimate, but he says he does not want to operate in your current supplier’s region? Chances are you are a witness to cartel activities. Cartels are prohibited in the Netherlands. They keep prices unnecessarily at a high level, and they restrict the choices of consumers and businesses. Your tip-off can help the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) track down cartels. That is how you can help us combat unfair competition.

Chris Fonteijn, Chairman of the Board of ACM, explains: ‘Cartels harm the economy, because they eliminate competition, leaving consumers and other businesses worse off. Do you have information about a possible cartel? If so, please contact us, because your tip-off helps us combat unfair competition.’

How to submit your tip-offs

  • Consumers and businesses can submit their tip-offs by calling us at +31-70-722-2000. If at all possible, please include your contact details with your tip-off. We will only contact you in case we would like to ask you additional questions as part of an official investigation. Please be assured we will treat your personal details as confidential.
  • Do you have valuable information for us, but you will be personally at risk the moment it becomes known that you have helped ACM obtain this information? In that case, you may submit your tip-off anonymously to our special intelligence unit. Our intelligence unit can be reached directly by calling +31-70–722-2500.

Anonymous informers

Our intelligence unit is a dedicated team. They completely understand that it can be a huge step to pass on incriminating information about your employer, customers or suppliers. Please be assured that keeping your identity a secret is our top priority. Our intelligence unit is specially trained to deal with your anonymity in a proper manner.

What if you are involved in a violation yourself?

Have you made arrangements with your competitors about, for example, prices or about sharing markets, customers or contracts? If so, you may have violated the Dutch Competition Act. You could wait until ACM finds out about it, in which case you can expect a hefty fine. But if you confess your cartel to ACM yourself, you may end up with a reduced fine or with no fine at all. You can confess your cartel by calling our leniency office at +31-70-722-2302.