Gasunie Engineering and Gasunie Waterstof Services to adjust their company names


Gasunie Engineering and Gasunie Waterstof Services, two sister companies owned by Dutch transmission system operator Gasunie Transport Services (GTS), will soon change their company names. GTS has made commitments regarding these changes to the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM). What the new names of these two companies will be has not yet been revealed.

Clear differentiation using new company names and logos

With these new names and logos, GTS wishes to differentiate clearly between the transmission system operator and its commercial business units, in accordance with the Dutch Gas Act. As a result, these business units will no longer be able to benefit on the market from the transmission system operator’s reputation. And for consumers and businesses, it will become clearer with whom they are dealing: either with the transmission system operator that performs statutory tasks, or a commercial company that performs related activities.

Creating a level playing field

In the context of the energy transition, ACM considers it to be important for businesses that are not government-owned to have equal opportunities to develop new energy services, too. That is also in line with Dutch and European rules. In order to ensure that these markets work well, it is necessary to create a level playing field. And well-functioning markets lead to innovations, investments, and competitive prices, especially in the long term. 

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