Approval project proposal GTS incremental capacity 2017


The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) approves the GTS project proposal for the 2017 incremental capacity process.

The European network code on capacity allocation (NC-CAM) stipulates that Transmission Service Operators (TSOs) must assess market demand for additional transport capacity, at least every odd numbered year. If this shows that there is sufficient additional demand, the TSO starts a process that can lead to an investment that makes this incremental capacity available.

The demand assessment of 2017 showed additional demand for interconnection capacity on the Dutch-German border. Dutch TSO Gasunie Transport Services (GTS) then started a process for incremental capacity in cooperation with the German TSOs. This incremental capacity will be offered in the July 2019 annual yearly capacity auction. Only if sufficient incremental capacity is sold on both sides of the border, the TSOs will build the capacity.

Before the TSOs offer the incremental capacity in the annual yearly capacity auction, they must submit a project proposal for approval to the relevant regulatory authorities. GTS has offered a project proposal to ACM, and with this decision ACM approves that project proposal.

Can I object to the decision by ACM?

If you are an interested party, you can object to ACM. The ACM must have received your notice of objection within six weeks of the decision being announced.