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ACM’s letter generator for complaint letters makes it even easier to exercise your rights

Exercising your rights with the sample letters provided by consumer information portal ACM ConsuWijzer has become even easier. Today, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has launched a letter generator, which helps you easily tailor a sample letter to your personal situation. With the free sample letters by ACM ConsuWijzer and the letter generator, you are able to confront the business you have a problem with quickly and easily. After answering several questions, your letter is created automatically. All that is left to do is to check it and send it.

Edwin van Houten, Director of ACM’s Consumer Department, explains: “Consumers are able to keep businesses on their toes by reminding them of their obligations. ACM ConsuWijzer offers information with which you can check what your rights are when you have a problem with a company. You often have more rights than you think. However, you will have to take action yourself. In order to make that first step easy, our legal experts have written sample letters, which everyone can use for free. With this letter generator, using those letters has become even easier.”

Sample letters: getting help with writing a letter or an email

Our sample letters offer guidance when writing a letter or an email to a business you have a problem with. In that way, you use the correct legal terms and you do not forget important information in the letter. The letters also explain the statutory rules in certain situations or how ACM conducts oversight in those situations. The letters may help in getting the business you have a problem with take action, for example, by taking advantage of your warranty or cooling-off period or by canceling a subscription.

These consumers exercised their rights using our sample letters

Lisa bought a warm sweater. When she unpacked it, she discovered many small holes in the sweater. After she had contacted the online store about this issue, they offered her 20% off on her next order. She thought this was a peculiar offer, and thus visited ACM ConsuWijzer to see what her rights were in case of a faulty product: repair, replacement, or a refund. That is why she used a sample letter (in Dutch). The online store admitted she was right, and immediately sent her a new sweater, this time without any holes.z

Michael returned sneakers to an online store, but he did not get his money back on time. He emailed the store’s customer service several times, but, unfortunately, without any success. A friend told him about the sample letter (in Dutch) in which you ask for your money back after returning the purchased item during the cooling-off period. The letter also explains the possible consequences if the online store does not give consumers their money back on time. That same day, his money was wired to his bank account.

What are the things you can contact ACM ConsuWijzer for?

ACM ConsuWijzer provides free information and advice about your rights as a consumer. ACM ConsuWijzer is ACM’s consumer information portal. On, we explain the law as clearly as possible. Consumers are able to get advice about their rights, either by phone or by email. You can use ACM’s advice as a basis for your own action, for instance sending a sample letter.

Are you unable to solve the problem with the company? In that case, you can also report the problem with us. Your report helps ACM see what businesses do not comply with the rules, and where we need to take action, for example, by contacting that business, forcing a business to stop doing certain activities, or imposing a fine.