ACM makes import of Danish wind power possible


The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has changed the rules for international trade in electricity. With this change, it has made possible the import of wind power from Denmark. This energy from sustainable sources can be transported over the COBRA cable from late-2019. Dutch transmission system operator TenneT and its Danish counterpart will build this submarine connection between the Netherlands and Denmark. The COBRA cable is capable of transporting approximately 700 MW. That is the same amount as the production capacity of a medium-sized power plant.

Helping create a sustainable and secure supply of energy

With the changes to the rules for international trade in electricity, ACM contributes to the energy transition. In this way, the Netherlands is able to import sustainable Danish energy more easily. In addition, the cable increases the security of supply of energy in the Netherlands because more electricity can be imported.

Businesses face less risk

The changes to the rules also make long-term capacity auctions possible. With such long-term capacity auctions, businesses will face less risk from future electricity price trends. The changes to the rules have already been implemented so market participants know where they stand. This will increase the availability of sustainable and affordable energy.