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ACM issues warning against Incasso CC, Jacobs Bemiddeling and Herms Incasso

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has issued warnings against debt collection agencies Incasso CC, Jacobs Bemiddeling, and Herms Incasso, which exert pressure on individuals to pay for unjust bills. Through its consumer information portal ConsuWijzer, ACM has been receiving many reports about these practices. As the companies are currently active, and are exerting pressure on consumers to pay, ACM has decided to issue warnings against these companies.

Advisory: do not pay

The reports reveal that consumers are approached over the phone with offers for vacations or vouchers for trips. No agreements are actually concluded over the phone, because, for example, consumers indicated that they only wanted to receive information, and therefore did not agree to the offers. In other situations, consumers are sometimes approached by debt collection agencies, even though they had never had any contact with any provider. Any assertions of debt collection agencies about outstanding bills are thus unjust.

In the cases of Herms Incasso and Jacobs Bemiddeling, the agencies often call months or years after the first alleged contact. Since no valid agreements were presumably concluded at the time, ACM advises consumers not to pay these bills, even if the agencies threaten with sending bailiffs or taking other punitive measures.

  • Incasso CC approaches consumers in an aggressive manner, and pressures them to pay for bills from or Booking L.T.
  • Jacobs Bemiddeling collects bills for Shop & Fly and All Great Dealz.
  • Herms Incasso collects for Trip Abroad, All Great Dealz, Euroloterij, Ecodienst, Shoppendoejezo, Weekendjegenieten en Debestekorting.

Network of aggressive debt collection agencies

Previously, ACM also warned against a network of debt collection agencies that used similar methods when approaching consumers. ACM sees that Herms Incasso and Jacobs Bemiddeling are part of the same network of debt collection agencies that keep trying to collect bills under different names. ACM welcomes any reports about debt collection agencies. Consumers can file such reports with consumer information portal ConsuWijzer.

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