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The Digital Regulation Cooperation Platform (SDT)

Technological innovations and online services have a tremendous impact on our society and economy. That is why, in October 2021, the Digital Regulation Cooperation Platform (SDT) was launched. Within SDT, different independent regulators work together in their oversight of digital services.

The SDT was launched by the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM), the Dutch Authority for the Financial Markets (AFM), the Dutch Data Protection Authority (AP), and the Dutch Media Authority (CvdM). These four regulators are charged with oversight over different domains, and each one of them deals with digital services. In order to ensure that each member’s regulatory activities dovetail with each other’s activities, the SDT members wish to be able to respond to developments collectively. Think of topics such as artificial intelligence, algorithms and data processing, online design, personalization, manipulation, and deception.

Personal data

As a result of the digital transformation, new markets emerge, as well as new businesses and new business models. In all of those contexts, personal data is often involved. Innovations are often not confined to individual sectors alone. They transform the way people work, do business, consume, gather news, and maintain social contacts. That offers benefits and opportunities but it may also create risks and new problems.


The SDT wishes to understand the opportunities and risks in the digital society, and put them on the agenda. In addition to such studies, the SDT also wishes to be able to take advantage of those opportunities as well as deal with the risks. While doing so, the SDT will keep in mind various public interests. Furthermore, the four SDT members wish to invest collectively in knowledge and expertise, and share these with each other. Finally, they collectively wish to ensure efficient and effective enforcement of compliance with rules and regulations (Dutch and European).

Knowledge and research

The SDT carries out studies to find out where problems occur in order to be subsequently able to take action together. One of the first things that will be examined is in what ways businesses and governments are able to explain to internet users what happens to their data online, and how internet users can be protected best against deception or abuse of personal data, preferably using language that everybody can understand.

In addition, the SDT will, for example, assess new regulations (Dutch and European) on how to deal with major technology firms, the data economy, and the platform economy. The individual SDT members will conduct oversight over parts of these regulations, each within their own area of expertise. Also, ACM, AFM, AP and CvdM will identify any areas of overlap, and where problems may occur.

These are the websites of the four members of the Digital Regulation Cooperation Platform:

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