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International cooperation – telecommunication and postal services

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) cooperates with regulators in other countries in areas such as electronic communication and postal services.


All EU Member States have a so-called National Regulatory Authority (NRA) that oversees electronic communication. In the Netherlands, this is ACM. The NRAs and the European Commission work together in the Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC).

BEREC was officially created on November 25, 2009, as a result of EC Regulation 1211/2009. The chairmen of the 28 NRAs jointly take decisions. The following parties sit on the BEREC Board of Regulators as observers:

  • The European Commission
  • Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein
  • Albania, Iceland, Montenegro, Serbia. Turkey, and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

The NRAs work together in the so-called Independent Regulators Group (IRG). The European Commission does not sit on IRG.

Postal services

The postal services regulators come together in the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP). The ERGP works together with and advises the European Commission. On behalf of the Netherlands, ACM is a member of the ERGP.

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