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Evening: Reception

From 16.30 untill 19.00 hours a reception will be held. Attendees will have the opportunity to say farewell to ACM Chairman Chris Fonteijn, who will be leaving office on May 1.

Chris Fonteijn | Bestuur ACM

Gift suggestion for Chris Fonteijn’s farewell

Cycling from Cape Town to Kilimanjaro last year with his sons has brought Chris many new insights.

Experiencing the amazing sceneries Africa has to offer while practising his favourite sport was one side of the story. But at the same time, many of his most devoted supporters along the way face serious barriers before they can start doing the same. Instead of receiving any farewell gift himself, Chris therefore wishes to make a small contribution to overcome some of these barriers for the kids in Arusha, Tanzania.

Your contributions will be used to support the youngest members of the Arusha Cycling Club and kids living in the area by providing bicycles and trainings to offer them some of the benefits we Dutch regard as an essential part of life; spending time on two wheels.

Not only Chris, but the entire Arusha cycling community will be thankful for your contribution!

*The Arusha Cycling Club (ACC) is closely linked to the Arusha Bicycle Center, a social enterprise and community centre for bike sales and maintenance to promote bicycle mobility in Tanzania and educate youth in bicycle mechanics. The ACC is enabling young Tanzanians to ride, work, live and ride some more,... Supported by the Arusha Bicycle Center, it organises cycling events and supports local riders to follow their passion and compete in national and international races.

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Contributions through ACM

Contributions can be made through ACM. We will transfer all contributions to the Arusha Cycling Club.
Please refer to:

Fountains Youth Fund (Chris Fonteijn’s farewell)
Account Name: Autoriteit Consument en Markt (ACM)
IBAN: NL16INGB0705001164