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Towards more transparency in the Dutch electricity sector

The Dutch Market Surveillance Committee (MSC) has been asked by DTe to investigate market transparency in the Dutch electricity market. The Committee has based its investigation upon theoretical as well as practical considerations. The issue has been raised in meetings with representatives from agents in the Dutch electricity market, including market participants and government authorities, some of whom have also provided written input in various forms. In addition, the Committee has considered practices and experience from electricity markets in other countries, including the USA, United Kingdom and the Nordic countries. The Committee finds, as explained in more detail below, that in the Dutch electricity market transparency is lacking in several important respects. We recommend a series of measures that should be implemented immediately, notably the regular publication of relevant information. In our view these measures are necessary, but not necessarily sufficient, to reach a satisfactory degree of market transparency. We will continually review the issue and, if warranted, propose further measures in the future.



Towards more transparency in the Dutch electricity sector (PDF - 67.77 KB)