Request to providers of public electronic-communications services for declaration of their relevant net turnover 2016


The ACM has requested providers of electronic-communications services to declare their turnover over 2016. This information must be submitted to the ACM no later than 1 January 2018.

Why are providers required to declare their turnover?

The ACM incurs costs for its regulatory activities. Providers of public electronic-communications services in the Netherlands must pay these costs to the ACM themselves. Their individual payments are determined by a formula that is based on the relevant net turnover.

How high are the regulatory costs?

The ACM divides providers two categories, based on their relevant net turnover. If their turnover is lower than EUR 2 million, then those providers are not required to pay any fee for the ACM’s regulation. If their turnover is higher than EUR 2 million, then those providers must pay fees in proportion to their relevant net turnover.