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  • 2013 ACM Rail Monitor

    Publication | Studies | 10-10-2014

    Under the Dutch Railway Act, the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) regulates the Dutch rail transport market.

  • NMa: rail capacity allocation for international freight transport must be improved

    Publication | Studies | 05-09-2012

    In its survey of international rail-capacity allocation, the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) looked into bottlenecks and looked for solutions for international rail freight transport. In the Netherlands, 85% of rail freight is cross-border...

  • Market Scan on Passenger Rail Transport

    Publication | Studies | 14-09-2011

    Since the passenger rail transport market is characterized by the concession mechanism, this market scan focuses on how the awarding and size of the concessions stimulate rail undertakings to operate more efficiently, to keep prices as low as possible,...