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  • ACM supports Dutch cabinet’s call for additional regulatory tools regarding online platforms

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 08-08-2019

    ACM published a discussion paper about additional regulatory tools regarding online platforms.

  • InSight 2019 – Consumer protection in a changing society

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 03-04-2019

    InSight is ACM’s annual statement with recommendations to the Dutch legislature. As the digital economy continues to evolve, and the number of independent contractors keeps on rising in all segments of the job market, consumer protection is in need of a new impetus.

  • ACM symposium on cartels, fines, and consumer damages

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 29-05-2018

    ACM held a symposium on the latest scientific studies into cartels, fines, and consumer damages.

  • Insight 2018

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 11-04-2018

    Digitalization offers great opportunities and benefits for consumers and businesses. However, there are also risks of abuses of market power or potentially negative effects brought on by sophisticated software used on websites.

  • InSight 2017

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 29-03-2017

    Make full use of the strengths of the market and the government. That is the central message that ACM puts forward in InSight 2017.

  • InSight 2016

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 14-03-2016

    In InSight, ACM covers important oversight-related developments such as competitive neutrality, and the energy and health care sectors.

  • Speech of Chris Fonteijn on “Multichannel Distribution”

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 15-01-2016

    Vertical agreements in e-commerce have positive and negative effects. Regulators must be careful calling them hardcore violations.

  • Speaking points Anita Vegter, UNCTAD 8 July 2015 “Pharmaceutical markets and consumers”

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 14-07-2015

    Anita Vegter spoke at the UNCTAD on the 8th of July 2015 at a round table on the role of competition in the pharmaceutical sector and its benefits for consumers.

  • InSight 2015

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 12-03-2015

    In InSight, ACM covers different trends that are important to its oversight work such as health care, sustainability, digitization, and energy.

  • ACM wishes to have more opportunities for unbranded prescription drugs

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 24-02-2015

    Having affordable prescription drugs is crucial for keeping health care costs under control.