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  • InSight 2019 – Consumer protection in a changing society

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 03-04-2019

    InSight is ACM’s annual statement with recommendations to the Dutch legislature. As the digital economy continues to evolve, and the number of independent contractors keeps on rising in all segments of the job market, consumer protection is in need of a new impetus.

  • InSight 2017

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 29-03-2017

    Make full use of the strengths of the market and the government. That is the central message that ACM puts forward in InSight 2017.

  • InSight 2016

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 14-03-2016

    In InSight, ACM covers important oversight-related developments such as competitive neutrality, and the energy and health care sectors.

  • InSight 2015

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 12-03-2015

    In InSight, ACM covers different trends that are important to its oversight work such as health care, sustainability, digitization, and energy.

  • InSight 2014

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 13-03-2014

    In InSight, ACM covers different social trends that affect the interests of businesses and consumers, and which are therefore important to its oversight work.

  • The Art of Supervision

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 16-12-2013

    This Liber Amicorum has been created on the occasion of Pieter Kalbfleisch’s retirement in June 2011 as chairman of the Board of the Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa).

  • ‘Private arrangement in Energy Agreement to withdraw production capacity from the market restricts competition’

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 25-10-2013

    In the October 25 issue of Dutch financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad, Henk Don (member of the Board of ACM) wrote an opinion piece on the SER Energy Agreement.

  • Strategy Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 20-09-2013

    The ACM Strategy Document forms the basis for effective and efficient market oversight for the purpose of increasing consumer welfare.

  • Key Priorities for 2013 of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 11-04-2013

    In this document, we would like to present our key priorities for the rest of 2013.

  • Draft version of Strategy Document Netherlands Authority for Consumers & Markets

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 11-04-2013

    ACM invites you to comment on this draft version. We look forward to receiving your comments. Please send them to us no later than June 1, 2013.