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  • Pilotage tariffs will increase by 3% in 2020

    Publication | Decisions | 06-12-2019

    Following the tariff proposal of the Dutch Maritime Pilot's Association (NLc), ACM has set the pilotage tariffs for 2020. These tariffs will increase by 3.03% compared with last year.

  • ACM publishes decision on complaints of Ryanair about Schiphol's 2018 tariffs and conditions

    Publication | Decisions | 02-08-2018

    ACM ruled that Ryanair's complaints about Schiphol's tariffs and conditions for 2018 are unfounded.

  • Decision on 2017 pilotage tariffs

    Publication | Decisions | 23-12-2016

    With this decision, ACM sets the tariffs for the pilotage services in 2017.

  • Decision on other tariffs for 2017 regarding maritime pilots

    Publication | Decisions | 23-12-2016

    ACM sets the 2017 tariffs for examinations of PEC holders, issuing EU pilotage statements, and providing copies from the pilots’ register.

  • Decision on 2017 correction factor for early-retirement schemes for maritime pilots

    Publication | Decisions | 23-12-2016

    The Dutch maritime pilots’ association has accumulated sufficient financial reserves to meet future payments from early-retirement schemes.

  • Veolia - CDC-Transdev

    Publication | Decisions | 09-12-2010

    The Board of the Netherlands Competition Authority hereby announces that a license will be issued for the concentration to which this license application applies.

  • Tarrifs and conditions Schiphol 2007 - KLM

    Publication | Decisions | 25-10-2007

    The Board of the Netherlands Competition Authority, taking into consideration section 8.25f of the Aviation Act,...

  • Tarriffs and conditions Schiphol 2007 - BARIN/SAOC

    Publication | Decisions | 23-10-2007

    The Board of Directors of the Netherlands Competition Authority concludes that on the basis of the points raised by BARIN/SAOC in its application that Schiphol has complied with its obligations in accordance with section 8.25d(3) and section 8.25e of...

  • Tariffs and conditions Schiphol - Airbridge Cargo

    Publication | Decisions | 16-10-2007

    The Board of the Netherlands Competition Authority concludes that the tariffs and conditions of N.V. Luchthaven Schiphol applicable as of 1 November 2007, are not contrary to the criteria stipulated in or pursuant to the Aviation Act on the arguments...

  • Final Decision Schiphol

    Publication | Decisions | 25-04-2007

    The Netherlands Competition Authority (NMa) has definitively approved the system for allocating costs and revenues proposed by NV Luchthaven Schiphol; the approval is valid for the next four years....