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  • Fine cartels flour producers

    Publication | Decisions | 22-12-2010

    In a decision of December 16, 2010, the Netherlands Competition Authority has found that 15 Dutch, Belgian and German flour producers infringed the Dutch and European prohibition o

  • Walcheren Hospital - Oosterschelde Hospitals

    Publication | Decisions | 25-03-2009

    The NMa Board concludes that, if no conditions were attached to the licence, the proposed concentration would significantly restrict effective competition on the markets for clinical general hospital care and non-clinical general hospital care in...

  • KPN - Reggefiber

    Publication | Decisions | 19-12-2008

    The Netherlands Competition Authority has conditionally approved the creation of the joint-venture Reggefiber Group B.V.

  • European Directories - Truvo Nederland

    Publication | Decisions | 28-08-2008

    In view of the foregoing, the Board of the Netherlands Competition Authority announces that a license is granted for the concentration to which the license application (including the amendments thereof) relates.

  • Bloemenveiling Aalsmeer - FloraHolland

    Publication | Decisions | 21-08-2007

    The Netherlands Competition Authority concludes that the operation to which the licence application relates falls within the scope of merger control governed by chapter 5

  • CIMC - Burg

    Publication | Decisions | 18-05-2007

    The Board of the Netherlands Competition Authority gives notice that a licence is not required for the realisation of the concentration to which the notification relates.

  • Cosun - CSM

    Publication | Decisions | 20-04-2007

    The Board of Directors of the Netherlands Competition Authority gives notice that a licence is granted for the merger to which the application relates.