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  • ACM in 2019 imposed fines totaling approximately 17 million euros and launched 91 investigations

    Publication | News | 19-03-2020

    ACM in 2019 imposed 18 fines and 12 orders subject to periodic penalty payments, and launched 91 investigations. ACM’s interventions have saved Dutch society approximately 750 million euros.

  • ACM’s oversight during the Coronavirus crisis

    Publication | News | 18-03-2020

    ACM is closely monitoring economic developments, and is ready to answer any questions about collaborations between companies during the crisis. On ACM Consuwijzer’s website, consumers can find more information, for example about canceling trips.

  • ACM’s focus areas in 2020

    Publication | News | 31-01-2020

    For the next two years, the ‘digital economy’ and ‘energy markets in transition’ are central in the oversight activities of the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM).