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  • ACM and the French competition authority have worked together in fining a French cartel

    Publication | News | 18-12-2019

    A Dutch company does not have to pay a fine for its participation in a French cartel. It was the first to notify the French authorities of the cartel. ACM assisted in the French cartel investigation.

  • Summary of ACM’s REMIT Interviews

    Publication | Studies | 15-10-2019

    This is a summary of ACM’s REMIT interviews about the role of information in electricity trading decisions.

  • REMIT Briefing #2

    Publication | Corporate publications | 15-10-2019

    This update shows ACM’s recent activities under the REMIT regulation.

  • Approval project proposal GTS incremental capacity 2017

    Publication | Decisions | 29-04-2019

    The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets approves the GTS project proposal for the 2017 incremental capacity process.

  • REMIT Briefing

    Publication | Corporate publications | 22-03-2019

    This update shows ACM’s recent activities under the REMIT regulation

  • ACM to complete market study into mobile app stores in April

    Publication | News | 13-03-2019

    ACM will complete the previously announced market study into Google’s Play Store and Apple’s App Store in April.

  • ACM takes lead in international call on Apple and Google about app stores

    Publication | News | 12-03-2019

    ACM is calling on Apple and Google to make adjustments to their app stores so that app providers are able to inform consumers about their privacy policies with regard to data. ACM has issued this call together with consumer authorities in 26 other countries around the world.

  • BREXIT: Q&A on REMIT registration with the ACM

    Publication | News | 01-03-2019

    Q&A regarding a BREXIT without a ratified Withdrawal Agreement on the REMIT registration and data collection.

  • BREXIT: REMIT registration with ACM

    Publication | News | 08-02-2019

    Market participants that are registered in the UK who wish to enter into transactions or place orders to trade in the EUs wholesale energy markets after the UK’s withdrawal from the EU will need to be registered with a national regulatory authority of a EU Member State.

  • European rules provide more insight into parcel delivery rates

    Publication | News | 07-11-2018

    The European Commission wants to make it easier for consumers to purchase products online in other European countries. Knowing the rates for cross-border parcel delivery will help consumers make the right choice.