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  • ACM reviews ‘corona voucher schemes’

    Publication | News | 28-05-2020

    Over the last few weeks, ACM has reviewed approximately 180 voucher schemes in five different sectors. ACM found that not every reviewed voucher scheme complied with the basic principles that had been drawn up by ACM.

  • ACM sees that online platforms are dealing with exploitation of the current coronavirus crisis

    Publication | News | 09-04-2020

    ACM has observed that online platforms Marktplaats, and Amazon are combating misleading practices exhibited by providers vis-à-vis consumers. In addition, they step in when traders take advantage of the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis by charging exorbitant prices for their products.

  • ACM’s oversight during the Coronavirus crisis

    Publication | News | 18-03-2020

    ACM is closely monitoring economic developments, and is ready to answer any questions about collaborations between companies during the crisis. On ACM Consuwijzer’s website, consumers can find more information, for example about canceling trips.

  • ACM ends its intensified oversight of debt collection agency Intrum Nederland

    Publication | News | 06-03-2020

    Debt collection agency Intrum Nederland has honored its commitment to ACM regarding the collection of debts from consumers. As a result, consumers are protected against unjust and aggressive debt collection methods.

  • ACM: dating websites must stop deception using fake profiles

    Publication | News | 14-02-2020

    ACM has found that there are still dating websites out there that use fake profiles without being clear about such practices. Consumers are thus been misled.

  • Guidelines on the protection of the online consumer

    Publication | Regulations | 11-02-2020

    In its Guidelines on the protection of the online consumer, ACM has marked the boundaries of where persuasion turns into deception. Following a consultation period, the guidelines have now been finalized.