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  • ACM: Online stores must inform consumers better about delivery times

    Publication | News | 24-11-2020

    ACM urges online stores to inform customers better about their delivery times. The information about delivery times must be correct and up-to-date, especially so with the upcoming holiday season and the additional strain on delivery times as a result of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

  • Rules of thumb for online platforms

    Publication | Regulations | 23-11-2020

    ACM has published Rules of thumb for online platforms. These form a framework with which platform providers should comply.

  • ACM takes action against ‘free’ products of Stay Healthy Products

    Publication | News | 05-11-2020

    ACM has reprimanded Stay Healthy Products for using misleading commercial practices. Stay Healthy Products has now stopped offering ‘free’ products, and has promised that consumers who received these products do not have to pay for them.