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  • InSight 2019 – Consumer protection in a changing society

    Publication | Visions & opinions | 03-04-2019

    InSight is ACM’s annual statement with recommendations to the Dutch legislature. As the digital economy continues to evolve, and the number of independent contractors keeps on rising in all segments of the job market, consumer protection is in need of a new impetus.

  • ACM Annual Report 2018

    Publication | Jaarverslag ACM | 03-04-2019

    The ACM Annual Report provides an overview of ACM’s results in 2018. Some of the highlights can be found on page 2 of the annual report.

  • ACM: PostNL’s acquisition of Sandd requires further assessment

    Publication | News | 01-04-2019

    After a first assessment, ACM concluded that a further assessment is needed for reaching a final decision about the effects of the planned acquisition of Dutch postal operator Sandd by rival PostNL.