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  • Cooperation procedure for complaint information about spam


    This is the cooperation procedure concerning the transmission of complaint information and intelligence about spam.

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  • OPTA: EUR 75.000 fine for spammer


    OPTA has imposed a fine of EUR 75.000 on a Dutch spammer. This private individual sent unsolicited e-mails to consumers to promote erection enhancement pills and sex products.

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  • OPTA fines spammers


    OPTA has fined the senders of spam messages for the first time. This involves spam sent by e-mail and SMS. The largest fine totalled EUR 42.500.

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  • First year’s fight against spam yields positive results: Growing collaboration with American regulator


    The Commission of OPTA, the Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority, is satisfied with the results of its efforts to combat spam.

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  • OPTA fines Thuiswerkcentrale for distributing spam


    The Commission of OPTA, the Dutch Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority, has fined two Dutch citizens and the companies, Abodata V.O.F. and H.P.T. Development B.V., a total of EUR 510,000.00 for distributing unsolicited electronic messages (also known as spam) to consumers. Following a...

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  • Decision on objection Thuiswerkcentrale


    On 24 April 2008 the OPTA Commission imposed four fines totalling EUR 510.000 to two Dutch natural persons and two companies Abodata VOF and H.P.T. Development BV for violating Article 11.7 of the Telecommunications Act (spam injunction). On 6 June...

    Publication Decisions
  • District court upholds OPTA’s spam fine


    Recently the district court of Rotterdam announced its decision regarding a fine of EUR 75,000 imposed on a spammer by OPTA’s Commission. OPTA stated the spammer’s objection against the fine to be unfounded, after which the spammer lodged an appeal...

    Publication Court rulings
  • OPTA imposes fine on sender of football SMS spam


    Today the commission of OPTA, the Independent Post and Telecommunications Authority, imposed a fine amounting to a total of EUR 10,000 on a natural person for sending unsolicited text messages, otherwise known as SMS spam. The SMS service was titled “sms-service EREDIVISIE” and contained football...

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  • Presentation Annual Report 2006; announcing spamfine


    OPTA: EUR 55,000.00 fine for spammer who ignored previous warning.

    OPTA Chairman Chris Fonteijn revealed this during the presentation of the organisation’s 2006 annual report.

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  • Joint ruling OPTA-CBP concerning 'Tell a friend' systems on websites


    'Tell-a friend' systems on websites are conditionally allowed and in those cases will not be considered spam or a breach of the Dutch Data Protection Act. OPTA and the Dutch Data Protection Authority (CBP) have issued a joint issue on the matter. In this ruling both regulators explain which...

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