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Online store has adjusted its return policy and the reachability of its customer service

The Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets (ACM) has reprimanded is a website that lists special offers every day. Through ConsuWijzer, ACM’s consumer information portal, ACM has received dozens of consumer reports since 2018 about the company’s customer service that could not be reached, about return shipments that were not processed correctly or about orders that were not delivered. ACM demanded that the company adjust its return policy, improve the reachability of its customer service, and deliver any ordered items in a timely manner. has done so, and has implemented its new return policy. 

What was the problem?

In late-2018, ConsuWijzer received many complaints from consumers about ACM contacted Koopjedeal and asked them to explain these complaints. The company said that most of its stock had been destroyed by a fire in September 2018. The company subsequently lost track of the orders and return shipments. Customers found it difficult to reach the company, which resulted in long waiting times on the phone and for their e-mails to be answered. The company failed to inform its customers about the cause of the delay.

Result: customer service improved, backlog cleared, return policy adjusted

After discussions with ACM, has improved its customer service. The company has agreed to respond to customers who ask questions either over the phone or in an email within a reasonable amount of time. The company has informed ACM that all orders, return shipments and requests made in the months after the fire have been dealt with.

The reports also revealed that incorrectly informed its customers about the way in which they could cancel their purchases. They had to inform the company of their intention to cancel their orders through their accounts on the website, after which they would receive the return label, needed for the return shipment, within several days. This is not allowed. Customers must have the opportunity to cancel their orders in several ways, for example, by email, phone or letter. In addition, customers should receive, no later than upon receipt of their orders, all the information about how they can return their orders. Moreover, consumers cannot be dependent on the seller for returning the product. With online purchases, returning your purchases within the cooling-off period is a basic right of consumers. has adjusted its practices concerning its cancel policy and return policy. The company now attaches a cancellation form to the confirmation of the order, and it provides information about how the customer can return the purchase free of charge.

Swift approach to consumer problems

ACM has many different instruments at its disposal for solving consumer problems. When selecting the right approach, ACM puts consumers first. In this case, ACM prefers to call the companies to account instead of imposing fines, because the problem is solved more quickly this way. Through reports filed with ConsuWijzer, ACM will keep monitoring whether the agency implements the agreed adjustments. If not, ACM can take enforcement action.