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Legal advice

Are you a business or business owner, and do you have any questions about competition rules or consumer rights? Or would you like to submit a tip-off or complaint to ACM? You can reach us by calling +31-70-7222-000 from Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 5:30 pm.

Are you a consumer?

Do you have questions or problems regarding a non-business purchase? Please contact ACM’s consumer information portal ConsuWijzer for:

In what situations do we refer you elsewhere for legal advice?

If you need legal advice about your specific situation, we will refer you to outside parties. Some topics may appear to be our remit, but actually are not, for example:

  • You have made a business purchase, and the item broke down too soon;
  • You and another business disagree about a contract or a service that has been delivered;
  • You, as a business, rent equipment from a company, and lose revenue because of a malfunction;
  • You, as a business, incur financial harm as a result of a failure of another business.

For these and similar legal questions, we refer you to a legal professional.

What options do you have?

For legal advice, you have various options:

  • Company lawyer

Does your company have a company lawyer? Find out what they can do to solve legal problems and questions.

  • Trade associations and employers’ organizations

Are you a member of a trade association or an employers’ organization? They often have lawyers who are specialized in dealing with specific questions. Find out more at ‘ Doing business in the Netherlands’.

  • Complaints boards

Would you rather not go to court? Another option would be the complaints board. A ruling will be handed down that all parties need to adhere to. Find out more about the Dutch Foundation for Consumers Complaints Boards.

  • Mediator

Mediation means that all parties and a professional mediator will work towards finding a solution to the situation. Find out more about mediation (in Dutch).

  • Legal expenses insurer

Do you have legal expenses insurance for businesses? A legal expenses insurer often has lawyers and counsellors who can help you in legal proceedings. Ask your insurer for more information.


You could hire a lawyer. They know the law, and are able to give your specific advice about your rights and obligations. If necessary, they can also help you go to court. Find out more on the website of the Netherlands Bar (NOvA).