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ACM: more tour operators present prices of package tours clearly now

Publication News 27-11-2023

More tour operators present the prices of package tours clearly now: as a single price that includes all unavoidable costs or as a single amount below the price.

ACM takes action against websites that use fake discounts

Publication News 14-11-2023

Over the past few months, ACM has checked whether the prices on websites comply with the rules on discounts.

Six percent of Dutch households have energy contracts above the price cap, more people choose fixed contracts

Publication News 07-11-2023

ACM publishes the results of its monthly Monitor on the consumer energy market (in Dutch: Monitor Consumentenmarkt Energie).

Consumer organizations warn against untrustworthy online stores

Publication News 06-11-2023

Many consumers still make purchases without checking the trustworthiness of the online store first, whereas purchases made with unfamiliar online stores in particular carry risks. That is why ACM and four other organizations have joined forces in a campaign against scams and fraud by online stores.